Top 3 Most Reliable Computer Operating System

Computers have essentially changed the way in which we complete various tasks in life today. It is important to note that a computer is a device that features various components. One of these main components is the operating system. It is a special software that controls all the functions of the given computer. While there are several types of operating systems, only few quality on the top list of computer operating systems. A good operating system embodies various specific values. It is simple to use, feature packed and it is improved on a regular basis. These are some of the top computer OSs today:



Microsoft Windows is a collection of various graphical OS families, with all of them being developed by the Microsoft brand. Each product of the OS addresses the needs of specific users. Some of the active Os from windows include Windows 7, Windows 10 and more. Perhaps the first Microsoft OS was launched late in 1985. The company started mainly as an operating system shell in response to the increased interest in GUIs. Over the years, the brand grew to become one of the biggest computer OS brands. In fact, the company grew to overtake the Apple OS which had been developed in 1984.


2.Mac OS


This is also a group of operating systems that are sold by the Apple brand. The company is the main operating system sold by the Apple brand. The OS caters to various types of computing devices including home computers, laptops, and desktops. According to recent tech research studies, the Mac OS is the second most widely used OS after Microsoft windows. The first version of the OS was released in 1984. More so, the first desktop version was launched in early 2001. Over the years, the company started naming their Operating systems after the big cats which only lasted for some few years. Additionally, the company released regular updates of the OS.


3.Chrome OS


This is also one of the leading computer operating systems. Developed by Google, the OS is mainly based on the Linux kernel and uses Google Chrome as the main user interface. Therefore, the Chrome OS mainly supports online applications. The project was launched in 2009, where most of the user’s data would be stored in the cloud. As result, the OS mainly operates web applications. The public demo and source code of the OS was also released a few months later. The first Chrome OS laptop was released in 2011. The OS also comes with additional resources such as a file manager and a media player. It also supports various additional features such as remote access and various apps are available in the play store.

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In the final view of things, there are various types of computer operating systems available today. These operating systems power the entire computing world and it is important to be informed on some of the top OS brands. Equipped with one of these operating systems, you can easily enhance your overall computing experiences.